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PN 0380-1 for 1" Dia. Rails & Stanchions

Mounts easily on any rail or stanchion with an ingenious "Smart Band" clamping ring.  Developed and patent applied for by Moonlite Marine, this unique clamping ring is pre-formed and acts like a hinge to open and close for installation around the rail.  The cleat is similar in shape and contour to the Aladdin Cleat and made of the same materials:  Hardcote anodized aluminum and stainless steel.  The cleat is approx. 4" long.  Perfect for tie down of light lines, fenders, halyards, etc.

PN 0380-2
for 7/8" Dia. Rails & Stanchions

Same unique design and rugged construction as the above model only for 7/8" rails and stanchions.

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